We offer a comprehensive service to carry out the construction and refurbishing of any type of property (commercial properties or franchises, homes, offices, gymnasiums, day care centres, trade fair stands, industrial buildings, etc.) from the design and drafting of the project to the manufacturing and installation of corporate furniture made by us.

Campos Corporación carries out the construction using their own personnel for completing “Turnkey” projects and all focused on energy efficiency, implementing comprehensive lighting and air conditioning plans with the aim of reducing the energy costs of each property.

Turnkey Offices and Retail Sector:

  • Design and drafting of a tailor made engineering project
  • Processing of the required certifications and permits
  • Execution of the work using our own personnel
  • Manufacturing of corporate furniture and  commercial equipment at our own production plants
  • Development and support of the property’s corporate image: graphics, vinyls, posters, signage, etc.
  • Custom projects for lighting and air conditioning that are focused on energy efficiency
  • Automation of installations using custom control systems



We design and draft “custom” engineering projects adapting to the needs of each client and the peculiarities of each property. additionally, we take care of submitting, legalizing, processing permits/ certificates as well as the project management of any type of installation; since we are involved in the project from the beginning, we know what all the legal requirements are beforehand.


Execution of the Work

We carry out each project using our own personnel for executing “Turnkey” projects. We provide the human resources required for each project: Electricians, welders, masons, plumbers, painters, carpenters, aluminium workers, air conditioning technicians, glaziers, etc.

Electrical and Electronic installation – Installing flooring and ceilings – Coverings – Masonry work and plumbing – Air-conditioning – Lighting – Sound – Fire prevention – Safety and security – Technology and home automation – Paintwork – Doors – Closures – Shop windows – Awnings


Large Corporate Headquarters

In addition to commercial construction, at Campos Corporación we offer “turnkey” completion of office buildings and large corporate headquarters for different businesses and multinational companies.

Specialized in coordinating very complex projects, we offer a comprehensive service where we design the project, execute it, coordinate with subcontractors and carry out project management as well as technical management of the works.

During the execution of these projects, interaction with the client is ongoing, listening to them and adapting our work to their needs for the purpose of meeting the deadlines and expectations, simplifying their work and offer a professional and quality service and attention.

We have our own furniture production plant where as wood specialists and based on the designs of our architects, we manufacture standard furniture, custom made furniture, display cabinets, accessories, counters, display stands, panels, wood shelving for shops and exclusive wood coverings.

We design, manufacture and install custom made corporate furniture in all sectors(telephone, bank, fashion, food, hair salons, etc.), optimizing the space of each area and adapting it to the corporate image or to the decor desired by each of our clients.

We work with solid wood, DM, melamine, plywood, laminate, methacrylate and polycarbonate.. We adapt to each design as authorized handlers of CORIAN, PRAL, CRIOL and LG. WE CARRY OUT SPECIAL CURVED AND THERMOFORMED WORK.

Corporate Image

We know how important the corporate image is for each business. Our team will strategically apply it to fulfil its purpose: Enhance the image and transmit the brand’s values to the public.

We advise our clients regarding setting the ambience of each building and we create their corporate image with the aim that each element is harmonized and reinforces the brand, on the outside as well as inside the building: Outdoor signs, vinyls, shutters, paint, posters, signage, panels, monoliths, lamps, banners, signs,murals and fences, neon, corporate letters, special treatments of facades, indoor posters, indoor signs, LED lighting, personalized graphics and banners, displays, etc.

At Campos Corporación we offer professional solutions in the area of construction, from drafting the project to carrying out the work. We have the human and material resources required for building any basic infrastructure in urban spaces, without ignoring the study of the social and environmental aspects present in each situation.

Our Civil Work activity focuses on building urbanizations for homes, industrial and leisure areas and carrying out the following works among others:

  • Demolitions, excavations, earth movements
  • Road networks: Grading and paving sidewalks and roads
  • Drinking water distribution networks, electrical power, natural gas and telephone
  • Sanitation and sewerage networks
  • Public lighting network: conduits, utility boxes and foundations for lamp posts
  • Urbanization of common areas such as parks and gardens


We execute all phases of our projects:

  • Foundation
  • Structure
  • Roofs and facades
  • Exterior walls
  • Interior walls
  • Flooring
  • Carpentry
  • Installations