Energy Efficiency

At Campos Corporación we are committed to using new energy management modelsaimed at increasing energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions and promoting a rational and efficient consumption.

On this basis, we offer the following services:

Energy audits is a consulting service, which consists of analyzing the energy state of an installation. According to the results obtained, we determine the potential for reducing energy consumption and different procedures are proposed for optimizing the energy efficiency of the installation. The improvement proposals are accompanied by aneconomic viability study to guide the installation manger in making decisions when implementing the reforms.

Energy Audits in Public Lighting:

  • Street lighting
  • Ornamental lighting of buildings
  • Squares and Roundabouts
  • Parks
  • Roads

Auditorías Energéticas in Buildings:

  • Town halls
  • Sport facilities
  • Pools
  • Health Centres
  • Social-Cultural Centres
  • Schools

Auditorías Energéticas in Industries:

  • Primary Sectoro: industries such as the agro-food, wine, olive, feed, etc.
  • Secondary Sector: manufacturing industry, construction, etc.
  • Tertiary Sector: hospitality, commerce, tranportation, etc.

The tasks related with the energy supply and consumption at a company or City Hall and specifically the need to use energy more efficiently in all its facets, use too many resources due to the great complexity of the work.

As experts in energy savings and efficiency, we provide advice to Public Administrations and private entities and we offer continuous monitoring of their energy installations.

The responsibility of the energy manager is to achieve energy efficiency of the consumptions by drafting medium and long term plans that guarantee a sustainable growth with the greatest possible cost savings.

Therefore, we carry out simulations, geothermal response tests and/or surveys, design, simulation and installation projects, supply, assembling and commissioning, operation and maintenance of installations and invoicing for services according to the energy supplied.