Engineering constitutes the central theme of our activity since it supports all our lines of business with the aim of offering a comprehensive and professional service, avoiding using intermediaries and reducing costs and efforts.

Part of our workforce is comprised of Engineers specialized in electricity, mechanics, electronics, telecommunications, automation, IT and occupational risk prevention among other. Our aim is to optimize the material, human and economic resources ion each project in order to obtain the maximum return on investment for our clients.

We direct the work of any project as far as the technical, aesthetic, urban planning and environmental aspects of said project for the purpose of ensuring a proper execution of the work in compliance with established deadlines and following the highest professional, quality and safety standards.

  • Document management: Management of deadlines and phases, quality management, managing technical solutions, managing the relationships between different agents, etc.
  • Worksite Monitoring and Control: Once the work has begun, we monitor to ensure it is being carried out according to the project and that the applicable regulations are being complied with.
  • Health and Safety Coordination: We coordinate compliance with the general health prevention and safety principles, the approval of the health and safety plan, and we organize the coordination of business activities, etc.
  • Environmental Monitoring, including the storage and management of waste, storage of chemical substances (chemical products and fuel), control of machinery (CE markings, technical inspections), etc.
  • Drafting and subscription of documentation and certifications required for the proper performance of the project.

We offer a consulting and project management service in engineering, developing the general and specific applicable specifications that allows carrying out a civil work; electrical, mechanical or of any other specialty.

We study interferences with public elements such as coastlines, roads or riverbeds, we assist in requesting environmental licenses, permits, authorizations, we control the aspects relative to worksite safety and we manage the records for legalizing them.

At Campos Corporación we offer a consulting service specialized in energy efficiency and sustainable urban mobility that guarantees compliance with required regulations while achieving the highest degree of energy efficiency, saving energy and money.

Energy audits, sustainable development, energy management, rate optimization, sustainability, training and awareness programs, etc.