We are experts in the development of air conditioning equipment and oriented coolingenergy savings, reduced installation costs and industrial and architectural integration.

Pioneers in the pursuit of energy performance as a working principle, we allocate a key part of our investment in R & D in the field of HVAC. Our air conditioning services are classified as:

  • Air conditioning equipments for indoor pools , spas and resorts : The incorporation of air conditioning equipment BOREALIS high efficiency for wet environments helps our customers improve their account making profitable their facilities and making the most out of the investments made results : reduce consumption energy between 25 and 50% , is a medium-term amortizable investment and provide an eligible product up to 40 % of their cost .
  •     Machines for efficiently ventilating commercial buildings ( office buildings , cultural, sports ). Self equipment for primary air Borealis ensure ACE treating primary air with an efficiency of 50% to those in the market thanks to its technology dual energy recovery.
  •     Conditioners (autonomous UTAs ). High quality and efficiency for large or degran influx of public spaces: Self- conditioners Borealis ABR combine the virtues of hydronic air conditioners and compact autonomous units.
  •     Machines made to measure for air conditioning or industrial processes : equipment as refrigerators are designed for specific circumstances , either because of increased security operation is desired, because the working conditions are different from those of conventional equipment or for reasons of size .

Somos líderes en planificación, desarrollo, implantación y gestiónde sistemas integrales de climatización, así como en diseño e implantación de sistemas centralizados de climatización.

Desde Campos Corporacion proporcionamos soluciones integrales de climatizaciónen viviendas unifamiliares, comunidades de vecinos, edificios de oficinas y grandes centros de trabajo, Industrias, hospitales, centros sanitarios, colegios, grandes centros públicos…

Somos empresa suministradora de servicios de consultoría, instalación y mantenimiento del Grupo Gas Natural Fenosa para sistemas de climatización eficientes.

Gracias a la mejora del mantenimiento conseguimos:

  • La Reducción del consumo eléctrico
  • Optimización de las instalaciones
  • Prevención de averías
  • Cumplimiento de la ley acorde con el Reglamento de Energía Térmica