We carry out all types of electrical installations in the industrial, energy and construction sectors:

  • Design and execution of electrical installations (lighting, illumination, etc.)
  • Power generation plants
  • Distribution of low and medium voltage
  • electrical installations without a specific qualification
  • Assembling and maintaining solar photovoltaic installations
  • Assembling and Maintaining Telecommunication installations
  • IT networks
  • Transformation centres
  • Sizing, installation, assembling and maintenance of air conditioning installations

We carry out comprehensive refurbishing and remodelling of commercial properties or franchises, banks, homes, offices, gymnasiums, day care centres, trade fair stands, etc.

Execution of Energy Efficient Projects We carry out electrical installations of interior and exterior lighting of public, private and industrial buildings by analyzing the needs of each client and adapting the installation to achieve savings in their energy usage.

We adapt electrical installations to the new low and medium voltage regulationscollaborating with organisations that collaborate with the Administration designated by our clients.