At Campos Corporación we carry out maintenance in all sectors of our area of work:MV and LV installations, commercial Centres, power generation installations, air conditioning, etc.

Preventive and corrective maintenance: A good preventive maintenance program allows detecting and correcting problems before they occur and in the case they do occur, to repair them as soon as possible,thus reducing non scheduled stoppage times. In the same way, planning and carrying out a good maintenance plan prevents workplace accidents and minimizes the risks associated with potentially dangerous machines and installations.

Our aim is to provide advice and technical support to our clients to guarantee a correct operation of their installations and in this way improve the efficiency and productivity of these, resulting in reduced operating costs, which will consequentlyresult in energy and cost savings. Therefore, we make the following available to our clients:

  • A team of expert personnel according to each situation 365 days per year.
  • All equipment used for testing, diagnostics, measurement, management and control required for a good service in all our areas such as network analyzers, light meters, high resolution photographic cameras, thermographic cameras, clamp amp meters, etc.
  • Stock of materials that are hard to find on the market for carrying out repairs and replacements, which due to their urgent nature are required by our clients.