Mission and values

Service based management

At Campos Corporación our aim is to contribute to progress, create sustainable cities, improve the environment and design the future.

The work philosophy is based on the multidisciplinary character of the companies in the Corporation and its employees, the ability to adapt to the particularities of each market and meeting the needs of each client always with the highest quality and service standards.

Our values:

  • We work for you
  • Action turned into energy
  • Service based management
  • Innovative nature


We work for you when we care for the environment, for progress, in our attitude with Society. We work for you because we want to be by your side offering measurable, calculated and profitable results.


Everything is energy. At Campos Corporación we know this well. Our experience in Telecommunications, R&D&I, mobility, energy efficiency and renewable energy, has enabled us to view the world as an essence of forces that are waiting to be transformed, renewed and optimized with total respect for the environment and with a vision of a better future.


At Campos Corporación we understand that service comes first. In the information and technology age we aspire more than ever to follow a management model that is based on proximity. To serve is to walk beside you, be unconditional, know how to work for and with you.

Our Companies

Comprehensive and Professional solutions

The companies that serve as a vehicle for our projects are:


Ctra. Badajoz-Valencia, 60
E-02611 Ossa De Montiel (Albacete)
Tel. (+34) 967 377 317
Fax (+34) 967 377 490


Campos Eléctricas designs, executes and maintains all types of electrical installations, properties, civil works, telecommunications and Renewable Energy. Specialized in carrying out “turnkey” projects; we manage and supervise our installations from start to finish, offering our clients important cost savings and well as a lot of work.

In just a few years, their fast expansion and adaptation to the market has positioned it as a leader in its sector.


Ctra. Badajoz-Valencia, Km 430
E-02611 Ossa De Montiel (Albacete)
Tel. (+34) 967 109 209
Fax (+34) 967 109 207


Artema is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing tailor made corporate furniture for all sectors (telephone, banking, fashion, food, etc.) optimizing the space of each facility and adapting to the client’s budget and deadlines.

As wood specialists, we manufacture standard furniture, tailor made furniture, display cabinets, accessories, counters, display stands, panels, and exclusive wood shelving and covers.


Parque Empresarial Campollano
Calle F, 21 – E-02007 Albacete
Tel. (+34) 967 592 334
Fax (+34) 967 592 984


Ingenia Soluciones is a company specialized in Energy Efficiency, Energy Savings and Urban Mobility, which offers its clients consulting services, project management, engineering, training and sustainable mobility.

We have a multidisciplinary, flexible and highly qualified team that is capable of offering its clients the best solution for their projects and needs, while focusing on energy savings, profitability and conserving the environment.


Polígono Industrial Romica Calle 2, nº164
E-02080 Albacete
Tel. (+34) 967 190 452
Fax (+34) 967 191 048


We design and manufacture air conditioning and refrigeration equipment that ensures energy savings, reductions in installation costs and industrial and architectural integration.

We provide cutting-edge technical solutions for many different installations, during which our customers are fully satisfied. The main advantages of our machines are their technical quality, their low noise, high efficiency, their continuous technological evolution and their flexibility.


Polígono Industrial La Raya, Calle Travesía de Tajo, nave A-39
E-28816 Camarma de Esteruelas (Madrid)
Tel. (+34) 91 433 34 36
Fax (+34) 91 433 54 95


Clysema is a company specialized in geothermal energy and Energy Services with more than 25 years of experience in the air conditioning and maintenance of installations sector.

Clysema is a leader in planning, developing, implementing and managing comprehensive air conditioning systems. The company collaborates in international projects related with Geothermal Energy Development and is certified by the IDEA in the GEOTCASA program.


Innovative nature

The commercial and industrial history of Campos Corporación goes back more than 25 years in the construction, telecommunications and energy sectors among others.

During the first few years Campos Eléctricas, as the flagship of the Corporation, bases its activities on the installation of medium and low voltage lines, transformation centres, public lighting and electrical installations in general.

During subsequent years, Campos Eléctricas entered the mobile phone and telecommunications sectors, carrying out the installation of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) with GSM and UMTS transmission technologies and also building the control centres, as well as the maintenance and construction of commercial properties for the main telecommunications companies in Spain.

Parallel to this, Campos Eléctricas began their work in all facets of the construction sector, from the development to the execution, passing by the design and project management of industrial parks and industrial buildings, urban development , electrifications, homes and all types of industrial construction projects throughout the entire Spanish territory. Beginning in 2004 through their Renewable Energy department, the company has been promoting, executing and maintaining photovoltaic, wind turbine and biomass (biogas and gasification) installations.

Thanks to an impeccable professional trajectory and Campos Eléctricas’ need to complete and adapt their products and services to a changing market and environment, which is increasingly more specialized, they begin to purchase and incorporate other companies from the technology, construction, air conditioning and R&D&I sectors, resulting in a solid and creditworthy group of companies with a clear focus on quality, innovation and commitment with environmental sustainability.

From this group of companies, Campos Corporación is created to fulfil client demands for comprehensive and professional solutions in engineering, construction and energy.

Currently, Campos Corporación is undergoing a process of expansion as a business group.

Human Resources


The employees at our company comprise a multidisciplinary team that is flexible, highly qualified and capable of offering our clients the best solution for their projects and needs.

The business growth experienced by the company and the social commitment to job creation has resulted in a significant increase in personnel is recent years.

A team with ideas is strong, but a team with ideals is invincible.