The geothermal system is located in the new Multipurpose Building Science Technician UAH Campus . Based on Renewable Energy, it is one of the largest with these features installed in a European university, being a public building in which higher education activities are developed, with a total area of 4,690 m2 to acclimatize.

Weekend Project: August 2010

Compared to a conventional system, the energy savings in air-conditioning the 4,690 square foot Multipurpose Building is around 30%, which represents a 25% reduction of CO2 emissions, as it says in a press center higher education.

Prize for the best services GEOENER geothermal sector projects

The Directorate General of Industry of Madrid has distinguished the University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH) with the award for best geothermal facility in the region.

The award, aimed at promoting technology investment in buildings to increase energy efficiency and conservation, environmental policy recognizes the center as well as its “originality” to integrate these systems in buildings and the environment.

The award ceremony took place during the Third Congress of Geothermal Energy in Buildings and Industry ‘ GeoEner 2012 ‘ , held in the grounds of IFEMA , Madrid.