Valladolid´s new bicycle loan system consists of 30 stations and 260 bikes parked bicycle – spread strategically throughout the city .

Madrid, Spain
Installation: May 2013

Valladolid City Council has awarded the contract Ingenia Solutions installation and maintenance of integrated Usual Bike management, automatic bicycle loan developed by the company over a period of operation of 10 years.

This service will allow users previously registered to the service , select a bike from the terminal after loan and release identified by your card (RFID ) or through your Android Smartphone or iPhone. Once the user has completed his walk should only approach any car parks city bikes and anchor your bike on one of the free modules at that time . The system recognizes the bicycle and , therefore, the user who has returned .

The service has PV in four of his stops in order to promote the consumption of energy in the urban environment through renewable energy giving food to the service to non-polluting sources .

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