The scope of this work has included the installation of low voltage electrical network and land on both floors, including installation of boxes, connecting investors, installation of the monitoring system and other ancillary services.

Ending Project: March 2013

The project involved the installation of low voltage electric two solar farms on fixed structure: the first one is located in Nottington ( Weymouth) where you installed 6MWp power. The second photovoltaic orchard located Foxcombe ( Hollacombe ) with a power of 5.5 MWp.

On the other hand, we have developed different jobs in other areas of the country, such as the photovoltaic projects Rexon (4 MWp ) , Beachampton (3.3 MWp ) and Chard ( 2.2 MWp ).

In Campos Corporación, we are committed to the internationalization of our services, borders outside our knowledge and media for growth of the PV market in other countries like the UK and Romania, among others.