Design HEMC (High Efficiency Modular Container) for Military Technological Institute ” The Marañosa ” (ITM ) .

The only equipment in the market that generates air and ACS with a high energy efficiency that saves a lot of fuel. It is a sturdy equipment specially designed for disasters or war events where the price of fuel and the supply difficulties are very expensive.

End of project : June 2012.

Borealis, one of the companies Campos Corporation has designed, patented and manufactured the call HEMC (High Efficiency Military Container), a single computer on the market that generates air and ACS through geothermal and aerothermal interchangeably with very high energy efficiency. It saves a lot of fuel and it is adapted to the extreme conditions where conflicts occur. It is specially designed for natural disasters, wars and other scenarios where the price of fuel is very high and the supply difficulties .

It is a plug & play system able to start working in less than an hour from arrival through aerothermal, once geothermal or use of groundwater uptake, the team decides which mode is most appropriate depending on the external conditions, demand and resources available .

The work of this great project has already started and the first prototype is being evaluated, together with experts from the ITM in Madrid, in order to get the official certification that endorses the project. So far have already received visits ITM by a delegation of NATO and the director of the IDEA for the certification work product associated with this program.