Tomates Heinz Headquarters- Madrid

Building and repairing of Heinz Tomato Headquarters in Madrid. This project was carried out electrical and electronic installation, construction of floors and roofs, siding, masonry and plumbing, painting and corporate furniture.


We perform the operating system maintenance, corrective maintenance and bicycle maintenance of several computer systems nationwide lending, including services such as relocation of bicycle, cleaning, telephone service, reporting, general arrangements of the bike parks, etc.  

Installation of 21 MW solar farms in the UK

The scope of this work has included the installation of low voltage electrical network and land on both floors, including installation of boxes, connecting investors, installation of the monitoring system and other ancillary services. Ending Project: March 2013 The project involved the installation of low voltage electric two solar farms on fixed structure: the first…

Installation of bicycle loan system “3CBike” in Tres Cantos

Installation and commissioning of the loan system in Tres Cantos, 3CBike. The service has 85 public bicycles distributed at 7 stations available for their citizens, 365 days a year. Includes mobile application “3cbike” in which users can view nearest stops, bikes available and other useful information.

Room temperature efficient HEMC (High Efficiency Modular Container)

Design HEMC (High Efficiency Modular Container) for Military Technological Institute ” The Marañosa ” (ITM ) . The only equipment in the market that generates air and ACS with a high energy efficiency that saves a lot of fuel. It is a sturdy equipment specially designed for disasters or war events where the price of…

Installation and maintenance of over 800 Mobile Phone Base Stations

Including civil works, foundations and power tower and supports antennas and radio links, radio equipment installation , supply and installation of antennas and maintenance. To do this , we have used ERICCSON Radio Equipment (GSM – DCS ) , HUAWEI UMTS equipment , Radioenlaces HUAWEI , ERICSSON AND NOKIA -SIEMENS , Kathrein Antennas Campos Corporación…

Installation and management of bicycle loan system “Vallabici-Valladolid”

Valladolid´s new bicycle loan system consists of 30 stations and 260 bikes parked bicycle – spread strategically throughout the city . Madrid, Spain Installation: May 2013 Valladolid City Council has awarded the contract Ingenia Solutions installation and maintenance of integrated Usual Bike management, automatic bicycle loan developed by the company over a period of operation…

Geothermal Installation in Alcalá de Henares

The geothermal system is located in the new Multipurpose Building Science Technician UAH Campus . Based on Renewable Energy, it is one of the largest with these features installed in a European university, being a public building in which higher education activities are developed, with a total area of 4,690 m2 to acclimatize. Weekend Project:…

Corporate furniture manufacturing bespoke

We have our own production plant in which furniture, wood specialists and based on the designs of our architects manufacture standard furniture, custom furniture, cabinets, fixtures, counters, displays, panels, wood shelves for shops, carpet exclusive timber. We are also experts in modular furniture with materials such as solid wood, MDF, melamine, veneer, laminate, plexiglass, polycarbonate.…

Energy Audits in Buildings

We analyze the performance and design of each building, their energy systems, lighting, office equipment and other equipment such as elevators, making a thorough study of energy consumption, with objective of proposing our customers those improvement measures necessary to optimize efficiency of their facilities.  

Vodafone “Turnkey” Stores

More than 800 projects “turnkey” implemented throughout the national territory for Vodafone. We own to implement and electrical installations, construction of floors and roofs, siding, masonry and plumbing, air conditioning and lighting, sound, fire, security and surveillance, windows, technology and automation, painting, etc.

Vodafone Headquarters – Madrid

Campos Corporación designs, projects and constructs the building complex where Vodafone Spain will move its headquarters, which has a total area of 50,682 square meters packaging is complete. The new business complex , located at 115 Avenida de America , consists of five seven-storey buildings and a central plaza adaptable for different uses. Campos Corporación has…

Installing bicycle loan system in 43 Spanish cities

Valladolid, Tres Cantos, Elche, Salamanca, Segovia, Benidorm, Guadalajara, Badajoz, Palencia, Soria, Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Ciudad Real, Granada, Blanca, Puertollano, Puertolumbreras, Aranda De Duero, Pinto, Aranjuez, Noia, Don Benito, El Campello, Antequera, Almuñecar, Vinarós, Novelda, Sant Joan, O Barco, San Pedro del Pinatar, Cieza, Paiporta, Úbeda, Lalí­n, Redondela, Talavera de la Reina, Baeza, Villaquilambre,…

Self-contained primary air in the new auditorium of Lugo

We provide cutting edge technical solutions to many facilities, with full satisfaction of our customers. Some advantages of our machines are technical quality, low noise, high efficiency, constant technological evolution and flexibility.  

Segurcaixa Adeslas Dentist’s

Campos Corporación has held in Cartagena building a new dental clinic Adeslas, Spain’s leading private healthcare sector. To date, they have already successfully completed construction projects clinics Valencia, Elche and Torrent. The insurance, health insurance specialist and delivery of health services, since early this year began a renovation of its corporate image, a process in…

Design and manufacture of refrigeration equipments

Refrigerating equipments for cooling and air are designed for specific circumstances, either because a greater operating safety is desired, because the conditions are different from the conventional devices, or for reasons of size.  

Energy Audits in Industry

Our clients find in the energy audit an instrument to detect what factors are affecting their energy consumption, to identify potential energy saving opportunities and to analyze the technical and economic feasibility of implementing measures. Our audits follow the guidelines of EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization).  

Dehumidifiers and autonomous units of primary air treatment in Argentina

The number of exported machines by Borealis has increased in recent months thanks to the great success obtained in several countries in Latin America. Specifically, the Argentine market is demanding the Spanish Borealis technology for HVAC several of its hotels, hospitals and spa resorts in the country.  

ArteSiete Holea Cinemas – Huelva

Artesiete Cinemas, located at the Mall Holea, have a floor area of 4,450 square meters, eight rooms and has capacity for over 1500 seats. The Company started this great project in July 2013 and has carried out comprehensive management work, including the work of installing electrical and electronics, construction of floors and roofs, siding, masonry…

Air-conditioning systems throughout the national territory

We conducted air conditioners for large companies such as Transportes Azkar, Spanish Sugar, Af Steelcase, Rci, Feymaco, Construcciones Lasor, Transport Tnt, Equinox Mall Group Supeco Process Trasvisol, Repsol YPF Group Ohl, Total Stations, Monsanto…  

Other actions in mobile phone base stations

Storage, installation and configuration of radio links SWAP, design and installation of indoor coverage in different locations, reorienting antennas, capacity expansion projects of telecommunications facilities, microcell facilities, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Data Processing Centers including management and infrastructure stakeout. – Mimo Proyect: capacity expansion in Telecommunications facilities Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and other sites of…

Covers solar photovoltaic

In recent years we have installed over 600 kW. photovoltaic roofs in developing turnkey projects to small investors, offering our customers an extra income in their warehouse, for additional benefits and increase the value of your building safely.  

Plant Management Service in Data Processing Centers for Vodafone

From Campos Corporación, we conduct the Management Service domestic plant for Vodafone nationwide including managing all stakeout and infrastructure that are made in IT within 200 data processing centers in Spain that Vodafone has. In Process – Annual The necessary infrastructure after stake includes the installation of complete platforms providers Vodafone, air pipes and “falsosuelo”…

Maintenance and photovoltaic audit

As approved maintainers followers Mecasolar signature, we have carried out the corrective maintenance of more than 20 photovoltaic parks with this follower in Castilla La Mancha, Valencia, Murcia and Andalucia. Currently run the system maintenance of numerous gardens and photovoltaic solar covers.

Other photovoltaic installations

Over 30 MW installed in different locations performing the design, preparation and implementation of solar farms, plants with 2-axis trackers, fixed ground installations on structures, etc.. We are currently internationalizing our services with several projects in Europe, mainly in Romania.  

Over 5.000 km of installed optical fiber

Over 5,000 km of optical fiber installed in the country, highlighting cities like Fuenlabrada, Coslada, Parla, Vallecas, Torrelodones or Valladolid and sites like Metro de Valencia, Alicante Renfe station, IFEMA, La Moraleja, Atocha, Hospital de Arganda, etc. Installing lying on the main streets of Madrid: Calle Colón, Gran Vía, Castellana, Plaza Castilla, M-30. – Installation…

Isolated Facilities

We develop isolated network facilities and subsistence for telecom towers for Vodafone and other telephone operators. We also apply this type of facilities to supply bike rental systems, promoting energy independence.  

Energy Audits in Public Lightning

The main objective of the audits is to obtain a complete picture of the energy status of the lines of outdoor lighting. We perform photometric studies, analysis of different sectors of each population, electricity consumption and electricity billing review. The result is brought to the state of the outdoor lighting and proposing improvements.

Works for Improving Energy Efficiency

All actions to be taken are marked by the consideration of the most appropriate technologies and equipment on the market, so that, coupled with the pursuit of energy efficiency, is the desire to modernize all the facilities you need.  

Vodafone Corporate Headquarters in Barcelona

Construction and refurbishment proyect in Vodafone Corporate Headquarters in Barcelona, besides the headquarters of Moral Madrid, Vigo, Valencia, Mallorca, Murcia and Alicante. Complete Construction of office buildings and corporate headquarters, coordinating all phases of work: design and drafting of engineering, processing, work execution and coordination of subcontractors, manufacturing corporate furniture, corporate image and signage, lighting…