At Campos Corporación we find SOLUTIONS for improving the efficiency of the final use of energy as well as control the energy demand and decrease the emission of greenhouse gasses.

In this regard, our R&D&I department works to provide a quality service to all persons, companies and administrations that believe in a different model that is based on a clean and environmental friendly energy production.

We develop automatic bicycle leasing systems for the purpose of limiting the use of private vehicles and promote a more sustainable urban mode of transportation. We are committed to ensuring that citizens have the latest technology available to them, while ensuring that the use of this technology is easy and intuitive.

  • Software development: development of an applications server as well as of a user interface, which communicate with each other by means of a secure wireless internet connection.
  • Hardware and firmware development: design, assembling and programming of electronic circuits that generate the operation of each module and of the system as a whole and ensure that their operation is user friendly.
  • Development of Android / IOS mobile applications: these applications are developed to facilitate using the leasing system, provide information to the user in real time and allow the leasing to be accomplished using a mobile phone.
  • Web development with a great capacity for communicating modules with the server.
  • Industrial design of the following components:
    • Anchor plate: component attached to the bicycle for its identification through the firmware and which allows fastening the bicycle to the module.
    • Tamper proof hardware: nut with special wrench adapted for the bolts on the bicycle’s wheels
    • Designing of the bicycle parking unit

We develop our air conditioning and refrigeration products with a focus on energy efficiency as well as on improving the machines that are already included in our catalogue.

Our research and development effort entails the mechanical design, which includes the cooling, ventilation and the enclosure, electrical and electronic control systems of our machines. To accomplish this, we have highly experienced personnel and cooling system simulation tools as well as a 3D design.

Special projects

We develop innovative products that are technologically coherent with military application requirements as per the ETID (Spanish Defence Innovation and Technology Strategy) in order to offer a “Comprehensive air conditioning system” that meets the heating, cooling and ACS requirements during operations outside the National Territory and in all current Ministry of Defence bases and facilities.

Its application is feasible in newly created missions as well as in existing missions and in rehabilitation projects integrating the planned energy distribution system.

The creation of said system allows integrating aerothermal and/or geothermal energy to take advantage of the available renewable energy, which results in energy cost savings, increases energy efficiency, decreases CO2 emissions as well as a decrease in the dependency on fossil fuels in all military operations.