Renewable Energy

The rapid market growth and our fast but sustainable expansion has positioned Campos Corporación as a leader in the Renewable Energy sector, where our aim is to guarantee the optimum performance of every installation.

Currently, our experience in the sector is allowing us to also direct our efforts to other countries, mainly in America and Europe

At Campos Corporación we are committed to the internationalization of our services, offering our knowledge and resources outside our borders in order to advance the photovoltaic market in other countries of Europe and South America.

In the European Union, photovoltaic energy has been the technology with more electrical power generation that Campos Corporación has installed in 2011; thus, a notable growth has been experienced globally due to the lowering costs of photovoltaic systems, the different photovoltaic energy support policies and the increase in capacity of photovoltaic plant installations.

Campos Corporación in Romania: The Romanian energy market is optimum due to the existence of a large number of natural resources. For this reason and after having opened our office in this country, we are carrying out different photovoltaic projects with the conviction that there is still much more to do in this sector at an international level.


Maintenance and Auditing:

We are aware that maintenance is the key to success of any power generation plant since without this service, the different components of an installation may deteriorate and their useful life expectancy may be shortened. For this reason we carry out thecomprehensive maintenance tasks required for any installation:

  • Management of the installation using specialized software
  • Advanced Control Centre
  • Remote reading of meters
  • Automating installations
  • Installation of safety and monitoring systems
  • Comparative of maintenance expenses; Viability study
  • Daily predictive maintenance
  • Scheduled physical maintenance
  • Medium voltage maintenance
  • Cleaning of solar panels
  • Maintenance of common areas: clearing, etc.
  • Thermographic reports, investment studies, audits


At Campos Corporación we are committed to this type of Renewable Energy in the industrial and domestic sector, which are large consumers of energy in the form of electricity and heat, and are comprised of numerous small power consumers that are usually connected to a low voltage supply.

The purpose of an installation with these characteristics is that in each particular home or industrial facility, the user may enjoy 100% of the production without completely disconnecting from the grid. The user keeps his normal connection to the electrical grid but also installs a system in their home or facility, which may be only photovoltaic or mixed (panels and small-wind turbine)

Autoconsumption is defined as the energy that is consumed at the time it is generated; the rest of the energy that is not consumed at that time is transferred to the grid without the user that produces the energy receiving any compensation for its production.


Installations isolated from the grid 

These types of installations are designed for locations or facilities which do not have access to the electrical distribution grid and therefore, stand-alone power generation systems, are required to be used, which may be comprised of just solar panels, by wind turbines or mixed systems, that is, solar panels and wind turbines.

Using a system capable of storing power guarantees a reliable supply of up to three days without sun and with an investment that is much lower than routing the electrical distribution grid to the location. To achieve a power supply that is absolutely reliable and continuous, a support generator set may be incorporated to the system. This way, if the accumulators run out of power, the system can continue supplying electrical power.

Our aim is to use low enthalpy geothermal energy to optimize the air conditioning requirements of buildings, consisting of using the energy stored in the subsoil, which is renewable and able to be used by people.

Geothermal Energy; a resource that is always available

Low Enthalpy Geothermal Energy is the most efficient thermal energy production system for air conditioning. Compared to a conventional system, the energy savings in the air conditioning of a building with a geothermal installation is huge, while also reducing CO2 emissions and obtaining a highly sustainable system.

Geothermal installations use a heat pump, which allows transferring heat energy from one environment to another as required. Its operation is very similar to that of a traditional air conditioning system that provides cooling as well as heat. The subsoil is usually at a neutral temperature throughout the entire year (cooler than the air in the summer and warmer in the winter); therefore, the performance of the heat pump is very high since it needs to work less to transfer the energy.


Monitoring of Installations: We take measurements at different points in the installation for the purpose of measuring the thermal energy consumption, electrical energy consumption, and even receive alarm and fault signals for a quick action by the maintenance team in order to prevent further problems from occurring in the future.