At Campos Corporación we adapt to each client and project to cater for their specific requirements. This allows us to offer a Comprehensive Project Management service which includes: design and planning, onsite layouts, drafting of plans and complete projects, legalisations and permits, procurement, installation and commissioning, complete supervision, quality audits and financial control.

Our areas of activity cover:

We design and deploy systems in a wide range of ITC contexts, taking charge of the entire project life cycle and adding value to system integration capabilities with our engineering, software development and installation, commissioning, documentation and maintenance services. We install all types of platforms including frames, wiring, power supply and initialisation.

Data processing centres

These large rooms containing the electronic equipment that stores the information of Organisations, require a specific infrastructure and adequate maintenance to function correctly. Campos Corporación takes on the design, installation, start up and maintenance of DPCs.


Some DPC Services

  • Plant management: onsite layout, infrastructure, documentation, plans, etc
  • Floor plan design (cold aisles, hot aisles, power supply, climate control…)
  • Overhead and underfloor ducts
  • Platform installation for operator clients
  • Assembly, documentation and management of electrical panels and UPS systems
  • Electrical installations
  • Certification of installations
  • Efficient energy use
  • HVAC and energy saving audits
  • Maintenance and technical support


Other ITC services

  • Assembly of fibre, Ethernet and coaxial cable distributions
  • Networks of structured cable, fibre and coaxial cables.
  • Special fibre optic tray
  • Fibre Optic networks (Fused fibre)
  • Cabinets, RACKS, frames…
  • Network electronics
  • Software development

With more than 5000 km of fiber optic installed, CAMPOS CORPORACIÓN is specialized in routing, installing, connecting FC, SC, SC DUPLEX, LC, fusion and fiber optic certification; in multi-mode as well as single-mode.

In the certifications area, we use reflectometers and power meters that are calibrated to fulfil the most rigorous requirements.

During the installation we always try to use the least aggressive methods for the municipalities by using microtrenches, existing conduits, moles, etc.


Mobile telephony 

We offer a turnkey BTS service including project design, civil works, foundations and power supply, towers and supports for antennae and radio relays, installation of radio equipment, and antennae supply, installation and maintenance.


  • Complete BTS installations
  • Ran renewal and other technology changes in existing BTS
  • Replacement and installation of radiant systems, antennae and equipment
  • Storage, installation, configuration and SWAP of radio relays and transmission equipment (PTN, passive DWDM…)
  • Design and installation of indoor cover in different locations
  • Antenna reorientation
  • Microcell installations
  • Installation and adjustment of relay masts in urban and rural areas
  • Civil works in new locations and mast and tower replacement
  • Complete dismantling of locations including relocation and adjustment
  • Installation and improvement of site infrastructure (a/c, power supply, continuous power systems)
  • Capacity expansion projects for telecom installations
  • Projects for improved energy efficiency using renewable sources


Campos Corporación has collaborated in the deployment of 2G (GSM AND DCS), 3G (UMTS) AND 4G (LTE) technologies for telephony operators ORANGE, TELEFONICA, YOIGO AND VODAFONE.



Ericsson Technology:  The equipment installed is based on the 2G, 3G and 4G technology of Ericsson’s new RBS6000 family (RBS6201, RBS6101, RBS6102, RBS600). Largest number of technologies implemented on the same equipment: UMTS900, GSM900, DCS1800, UMTS2100. Installation of the RBS 6601 in Orange locations using LTE2600 technology. With Main Remote solutions.

HUAWEI Technology: We have been responsible for the installation and network integration of RRU/BBU radio equipment, radio relays (RTN) and other transmission equipment (PTNs)


Other Solutions 

Discrete InstallationsTo help telecommunications infrastructure to blend into natural surroundings or urban settings, in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Mobile Systems: Telecommunication support in specific locations to achieve increased capacity or cover in case of catastrophic circumstances, repair and replacement of fixed locations or mass events requiring additional resources.

Security Installations

We design and install Security Systems offering a tailored turnkey service adapted to client requirements. We execute projects in line according to administrative specifications:

  • CCTV: control centres
  • Access control
  • Intrusion systems
  • PCI systems
  • System integration: centralised software
  • Intercommunication